At GREENBROOK ENGINEERING quality is enforced at various levels of production. We have a clearly defined and proven checking process and quality management model. Our quality management manual delineates authorities and duties of the personnel responsible for performing within the system. To ensure compliance with each customer's standard, Greenbrook's quality process provides procedures and documentation for all activities performed within the Quality Management System. To ensure customer satisfaction, we guide our employees through the various requirements of the checking standards that they are required to meet and maintain. This process fosters continuous improvement and provides the necessary instruction to create an empowered workforce. Every team member is educated to identify potential pitfalls and concentrate on such areas with a more thorough review. A second level team randomly checks the entire project. If problems are identified, all drawings scheduled for delivery goes back into the first level of checking until the problem is rectified. The end result is a product and service that we take great pride in presenting to our customer.