Steel Detailing

GREENBROOK ENGINEERING has extensive experience in steel detailing. We have over 500 projects under our belt, spanning nearly 2 decades. We utilize Tekla Structures (formerly called X-Steel) for our detailing and in the mid 2005, we made Tekla Structures our preferred choice of detailing software. Our projects span from 50 tons and above. The deliverable package includes connection design, structural and miscellaneous steel detailing, stairs and handrails. Whether it is an office building, industrial structure or a complex twisted piece of metal, we’ll detail it. All of our drawings are customized to suit your shop requirements. Every type of electronic file is provided to run your production smoothly and efficiently.

The range of deliverables include:

  • Anchor Bolt Plans
  • Connection Design Calculations – P.E. Certified
  • E-plans
  • Embed Plans
  • Section Details
  • Brace Elevations
  • Advance BOM
  • Shop Drawings
  • Field Bolt List
  • Assembly Weight List