COVID-19 Safety & Precautions

Vaccinated Employees

Social Distancing


Sanitization Of Workplace

Hand Cleansing Dispensers

At Greenbrook Engineering, we ensure the safety of our employees. During this unforeseen COVID pandemic, we have implemented several preventive measures.
Employee reimbursement for vaccinations. Every employee is required to be fully vaccinated before reporting to work. New employees are required to provide proof of vaccinations and booster shots if applicable before their first day on the job.
Social Distancing. By adding additional office space, we have provided atleast 6 feet of space between each employee. Even during project discussions, staff are required to stay 6 feet apart.
Masking. Wearing masks in the office is mandatory.
Sanitizing. All of offices are sanitized regularly – door handles, faucets, switches, etc. Plus we have a weekly full office sanitization.
Hand Cleansing Dispensers. Several dispensers are provided throughout the office to help everybody sanitize their hands regularly.
Education. We are constantly educating our employees about their own safety and the safety of their friends and family.

We strive to make this a safe, happy and fun place to work. A Happy Mind is a Healthy Mind.