With 44% of domestic construction dollars being spent on Design-Build projects, it is increasingly clear that Design Build is becoming the preferred procurement method for the industry. This has vast implications for you, the steel fabricator, as your bidding activity includes a large mix of “design-assist” contracts. With the demands on the fabricator to provide design-assist services, it’s important that you have the right partner who can, not just provide quality detailing, but equip you with a full range of services you need — from connection design to BIM coordination. It’s also key to the process that you have a collaborative partner who can attend design coordination meetings with your project managers and your customer to review the project design needs, produce a good reference model with BIM, and be able to move fast to make changes.
We recognized a long time ago the importance of the right detailing partner to help the fabricator with their design-assist contract, which is why we oriented our business and process to include a presence in New York City – one of the largest construction markets in the world. This means we have personnel in the U.S. who can be at your design coordination meetings in the room with you, as we work together to solve problems for your customer. We can handle everything — from preliminary design and connections to a complete model and shop drawings. All of our senior management and review staff are located in the United States and they are available to you every step of the way. Our quality control process makes use of two review teams, both of which closely examine every project independently. If either team finds an issue, the project is returned to the team for corrections. We want everything to be perfect before we send it to your team for review.

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