Just like our steel detailing, Greenbrook Engineering can also assist with HVAC engineering. Placing the ductwork, units, wiring, and everything else required for an HVAC system must be done correctly. Otherwise, while it may not be a design problem, those working in the finished building may find that the air conditioning and heating systems simply aren’t providing the comfort they should be giving. 

Our team of experts will build a detailed, accurate 3D model of your building’s HVAC system, including all the ductwork and interior/ exterior units. This model can be used in client presentations and contractor meetings to help visualize where the HVAC system will be and how it will function.

Greenbrook Engineering offers design, model, and detail all activities related to MEP services in commercial construction and residential high-rise buildings. 

We offer three main categories of service:

  1. Turnkey Contractors 
  2. Architects 
  3. Large MEP Consultants

Unlike some contractors who only stick to steel detailing or otherwise limit their offerings, Greenbrook Engineering provides a one-stop subcontractor who can handle everything from creating 3D models of your steel structure to modeling the HVAC system. We work closely with other subcontractors to make certain everyone involved in your project understands the structure and what their part is in the design and construction. 

This also lays the groundwork for discovering difficulties and unexpected issues. By working together with your various subcontractors, we’re able to provide an open communication channel between these professionals and you. This allows everyone involved to be more informed about the state of the project, making it easier to see difficulties before they arise and handle them quickly and effectively. That, in turn, can save your budget and schedule.

Our suite of services is broken down into different types of scope activities. Each of these can be easily customized to our customer requirements. 

SCOPE 1: End-to-End Design Services:

  1. Understand client requirements
  2. Conduct a site survey – currently limited to Middle Eastern markets
  3. Estimate the Cooling/heating load 
  4. Design the system 
  5. Calculate costs/ tentative payback
  6. Draw schematics
  7. Prepare detailed engineering and bid (tender) document
  8. Create quality audit and approval technical data sheets

SCOPE 2: Limited or Partial Scope of Design Consultancy 

SCOPE 3: Preparation of Shop Drawings Based on Consultant Provided Scheme Drawings